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Comfy Spaces for Our Furry Friends

June 4, 2013 , , , , , ,

Pets are more than just animals. Our furry, feathered, and finned friends require time, attention, and as safe and comfortable a home as we do. When you’re planning a home for both you and your pets, consider their particular needs, how a little planning can go a long way to help you streamline your daily routine and keep your pet safe and happy.

Rethink how you care for your pet’s needs. Learn new ways to keep their food, toys and other necessities accessible, organized and in tune with your home’s style. So to get your started here are some awesomely cool ideas!

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Enjoy! 🙂

Sleep Spaces

Dogs need a designated sleep space. But if you’d like to reclaim your sleep space, consider setting aside a part of the house that is solely for your cat or dog. This has an added benefit, as many animal experts contend that your pet needs his or her own space to rest and recoup from the stimulation of being with the family. A sleep space can be as simple as a pet bed or crate in the corner of your bedroom, or as extravagant as turning an unused closet into a pet room. “A crate really most closely approximates a den

Repurpose your Nightstand – Instead of having your pet’s bed take up extra space in your bedroom, repurpose an old nightstand into a bed for your pup or feline friend! Buy a comfortable bed cushion for your dog or cat that matches your room’s color scheme to have it fit in with the rest of the room. If your pet likes extra privacy, hang a small pull curtain in front of the opening that can be opened and closed. This is also a great idea for home decor for pets for those of you who have their pets usually sleeping right beneath their bed, as it will prevent you from sleepily stepping on them at night.

Pet food station- Turn an old dresser or other piece of furniture with a pull out bottom drawer into a feeding station for your pet! This will keep your pet from playing with their bowls when they get bored and inevitably prevent a mess. Plus it’s another great space saving idea for your pet’s eating area that would normally take up space in your kitchen. You can even use the other drawers or top of the furniture as a place to put all of your pet’s food, treats, toys, litter, or leashes. It’s like your pet’s very own kitchen storage station!

A Discreet Litter Box – Ah, the downside of owning a cat… the smelly litter box. However, with the right enclosure, you can help control the smell and help your cat’s litter box to blend in with the rest of your home! Any piece of furniture can easily be hollowed out for your cat’s litter box and have a hole and cat-flap installed. This is a great way to help contain the smell as well as hide the box from being an eyesore in your home. Plus it will give your feline companion even more privacy.

A small pet haven – Have a smaller furry companion in your life? Why not give them a shelf in your bookcase? For hamsters or mice, a square cube on a shelf makes the perfect size habitat! Simply find and install a plexi-glass box with small holes that fits snugly into the shelf, and you have a perfect tank for them that doesn’t take up extra space in your room! Find a clear box with only sides and a bottom (no top) so that you can pull it out of the shelf for easy cleaning and play! For bigger pets like snakes, lizards, bunnies, guinea pigs, or even chinchillas, do the same but with a wider book shelf.

Side dog bed – Do you hate sleeping away from your pup but find that they take up too much room on your bed with you? Why not create a bed for your dog that is level with your own! This way, your dog can have its own bed but still be within petting distance from you. This is great for people who love to sleep with their pets but hate having dog hair and smell all over their blankets. Make sure to put in some stairs so your furry friend can get up there!

An Aquarium Coffee Table – Maybe you’re more of the pet fish kind of person. Fish are great pets when it comes to home decor because they are beautiful by themselves. The possibilities for creating the perfect aquarium for your home are endless, but if you want your pet fish to be the center of attention in your room, this glass-topped coffee table that contains an aquarium is perfect. Its acrylic sides provide clear viewing of the interior, while the removable tabletop is large and sturdy enough to accommodate almost anything you want to display on it. Lights in the base illuminate the tank from beneath the bed of blue glass gravel to give it even more of a deep sea feel for your home.

Cat cases – Love books? Love your cats? Combine the two! A Cat Case is a bookcase playground hybrid for your feline friends. It stores books, DVDs and more, while at the same time being the ideal playground for your cat. Inside the Cat Case your cat can sleep or jump like they would with stairs from shelf to shelf in order to finally reach the top level, where there is a great and comfortable lookout. If you are looking for a bookcase as well as a play area for your cat, then this kills two birds with one stone! Talk about being an amazing space saver your cat will love!

Unique home decor for your pets is mainly about trying to blend in your animal’s items with the rest of your family’s. Your pet’s bed, food, or play area should mesh well with the rest of your home and not stand out on its own.

If you like these then please share the inspirations with your friends and family too!

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