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Why We Need Art in our Life – Musings of a Customer

July 2, 2014 , , ,

This is a guest post from one of our customers, Stephanie from NYC, USA. Enjoy 🙂

My room houses a desk, a shelf, a set of art prints on the wall, a display shelf, and bed sheets that match the unique fan I have at the top. I am currently in the middle of plans to paint my room a color that compliments my furniture better. This has got me thinking… why do we care quite so much about the look and feel of our homes?

Through extensive research, I’ve come up with the following set of reasons:

  • Art is a form of expression for the artist as well as its purchaser
  • Art is interesting – it encourages people to be more fascinated in your home and will lead to memorable conversations
  • Art inspires us to think and visualize. It sparks the imagination for both children and adults
  • Owning art which you enjoy and decorating your home with the things that are visually appealing to you can not only make your home much more welcoming and personal but it will also raise your spirits and improve the quality of your life

I find that through the personalization and visual motif in my home, I receive great happiness and satisfaction. Buying art doesn’t have to be an unknown or scary process. The best way to get started is to check in your local markets or online on sites like Art and Decors and see what type resonates with you. In fact, using sites like Art and Decors and their ArtView showcase, you can ‘try’ out the art on your own wall before buying – this means a more informed decision for me as a buyer. All in all, art is the most personalized form of self-expression and one that everyone should get a taste of.

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