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Designing an At Home Yoga Studio

March 19, 2015 , , , ,

Building a home yoga studio can be very rewarding, and it’s a great way to increase your home’s value. You don’t need to spend a fortune to build one either. Get started by finding a quiet place to lay your mat down.

How Large Does the Room Need to Be?

When beginning your home yoga studio project, consider how much space you have available for one. With yoga, more space in your room is essential for a proper practice. The room should be without a bed or other large furniture. You want a room that is basically bare. You don’t need to find the biggest room in your house either. Small rooms that don’t have excessive clutter in them will work fine. Find a room that has the least amount of traffic going through it, or a place that has no noise coming from nearby areas. Once you find the perfect spot, lay your yoga mat down. Stretch your entire body across the mat and extend your arms outward. As long as you are not touching anything with your body now, you will have enough space to start a yoga studio. Stand up on your mat and stretch to the ceiling. If you don’t touch a ceiling fan or the ceiling, you will have enough vertical space for your yoga studio. Furthermore, you will want to find a room that has a door that closes behind you.

Type of Flooring

A hardwood floor is usually the best type of surface for a yoga studio. They’re solid enough to keep you stable during a pose, they are not cold when winter comes, and they won’t hurt your knees. Carpet, on the other hand, can be a bit too soft. If you don’t have a wooden floor, you can simply place a large wooden board over your surface. This board will be much easier to do your poses on. When you have an uneven carpet surface, it takes a lot of effort to keep a pose still. Make sure you place a towel down underneath your mat though because your sweat can get into the carpet and make it stink.

Home Yoga Studio

Picture Courtesy: Estately

Using Mirrors

Many professional yoga studios have mirrors on the wall. However, this can make your yoga practice suffer. When you look at yourself to see how well you’re holding a pose, your energy begins drift away from your body. Your energy should be within you at all times because yoga requires focused breathing techniques. You might hold your breath if you get too distracted by a mirror. It’s a personal choice though. Try experimenting with, and without, a mirror to see what option works best.

The lighting in your home yoga studio should be warm. Consider getting a dimmer for the ceiling lights if you have some. It’s wise to make sure your room’s temperature always stays the same. This can help you gauge how hard you are working.


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