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4 Home Renovation Ideas That Drastically Boost Your Home’s Value

October 28, 2015 , , , , ,

“Home renovation is an art! It’s about transforming a dull place into the attractive one. If done properly, a perfect home renovation can drastically boost your home value. Here are 4 exclusive home renovation ideas that could significantly take your home’s value to the next level.”

Kitchen Remodelling

Ok, let’s start with the kitchen, after all, ‘Kitchen is King’, that at a very first sight, magnetises the buyers, especially, to the families. Depending on the value of home, considering the neighbourhood and look of the overall infrastructure, you can spend around 40% of you investment in upgrading your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodelling

Start with the little paint that actually goes a long way. Use fresh paint with modern colors. More possibly, the low-VOC paint for an eco-friendly environment so that you family doesn’t have to breath in the hazardous chemicals Benzene. Also, bring in the energy-efficient appliances to save on electricity bills. Consider opting star-rated appliances only that consume less power than ordinary one. It’s a onetime investment and you’re done!

Room Reinvention

Arranging new rooms is very expensive. So you can cut down this heavy cost with the little tweak. Simply, reinvent the existing space of your home and make it look fresh and flourish. Go for the versatile rooms that could appeal to your potential buyers in a unique way.

Room Reinvention

You can also transform basements into alternate living rooms where some people also utilize this as the rest room for the old family members as well as tenants. Going ahead, you can also reinvent the attic space to use it as the game rooms and craft rooms, especially when they’ve the lofty ceilings. For the home with kids, you can also add rafters and swings to this place for your little ones.

Deck Addition

With outdoor living spaces have turned more enviable, adding deck to your home can amazingly escalate your home’s value, especially for the people staying home for the particular vacation. Beautifying your backyard or deck can result in maximum number of potential buyers, if, sometime you intend to put it on sale.

Outdoor Deck

Depending on the size and how you want your deck to be, the expenses on this renovation can vary a lot. So, to save more money on this, get at least three quotes from different contractors.

Basic Updates

Once you’re done with the biggie things done, it’s time to look at the basic ones to beautify your home. Go for the throughout painting in your home choosing basic neutral colors. Check out the roofs and fix them if leaked. Also, look out for the mold and get rid of them if found, replace the wood that rots.

Don’t forget, a solid, healthy, and safe home is what buyers actually want, so it’s good for your potential buyers as well. Change the home wiring if it’s too old, paint up the interiors, and replace the plumbing.

Do let us know if you liked these tips! And share this with your friends and family if you think you found it useful. 🙂


This blog article is part of our “Best Idea’s Series” where we look to bring you refreshing ideas related decor and lifestyle. The original article is attributed to Lynelle Thompson. This has been desaturated from the original.

Lynelle  has worked at In:Style Direct for over seven years and has extensive knowledge of both the home improvement and rental furniture packages market.

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