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4 Handy Home Improvement Hacks

November 23, 2015

We all want to own a home that is luxurious and comfortable. But in this day and age, we also want an organized and well-designed home that makes life easier. If you love to experiment with a number of hacks for the home, then these 4 ideas for a better home are just what you need. These projects might require a bit of elbow grease but they aren’t highly expensive to complete. Read on.

Add A Kitchen Backsplash


A kitchen is where you spend a lot of time and the way you maintain and decorate this space says a lot about who you are. These days a lot of Indian homes have well-equipped modular kitchen and if you are lagging behind, here’s one way to make your kitchen look modern and improve its functionality. The walls of your kitchen get easily stained while cooking or sometimes even washing and the best solution for this problem is adding tiles to cover these walls and protect them. You can make this backsplash as creative as you’d like by adding colorful tiles, metallic tiles, marble, or even aluminum ones. You can definitely add a fashionable touch to your kitchen with a simple backsplash.

Organise Your Storage Spaces


Sometimes you might end up stuffing a lot of things that are just lying around the house into a cupboard or cabinet and cause a massive mess in there. Having a neat and well-organised storage area isn’t very difficult or expensive. All you need is a few wire shelves, a drill, level, and a few basic hand tools, all of which are readily available. You just have to measure out your cupboards’ dimensions and pick up a few shelves and rods that you can use. Plan out how your storage system would work and then remove the old shelves if you would like and create the space you need.

Create Built-In Waste Bins

Built in Wastebins.png

A trash can in your kitchen can be a messy sight and it isn’t very hygienic either. However, a dustbin is a necessity and is not easy to replace. But instead of leaving it outside for guests to see it, why not conceal it? Install a built-in trash can in your kitchen, where you can pull out the trash can and dispose your garbage. This idea also works wonderfully if you want to recycle used items around the house. You can add a two or three bins to a cabinet and colour code them, to ensure that you put your garbage in the right bin.

Make Your Bathroom Look Elegant


Have you ever wanted to get rid of your regular ceramic bathroom sink and replace it with something more clean-cut and elegant? Now you can do that by replacing your sink with a granite bathroom vanity top or sink. Stone basins are available at most tile and marble stores and industries. You begin by getting the material that you need and once you got them, make sure to check them for any defects. Remove your old fixtures and repair any damage you might have created to the walls. Once you’ve attached the sink or vanity top, then all you have to do is paint the walls and add a mirror that you like. Finally, add the faucet, connect the plumbing, and you have a fully-functional gorgeous bathroom.

Try out a few of these ideas and you will your guests will notice a massive change in your home. Each of these ideas is to help you create a more functional and beautiful home.

Do let us know if you liked these tips! And share this with your friends and family if you think you found it useful. 🙂


This blog article is part of our “Best Idea’s Series” where we look to bring you refreshing ideas related decor and lifestyle. The original article is attributed to Sonia Sinha. This has been desaturated from the original.

Sonia Sinha is working as a content strategist at Commonfloor, a real estate portal. She enjoys writing informative blogs, articles, and reviews. She likes to think of her writing as an online resource; helping end-users answer questions, while guiding others in the direction they seek.

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