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Decor Ideas to Spiffy Up Your Home

January 4, 2016 , , , ,

Beautiful Decor in Living Room

Are you bored of waking up to the same interiors day after day? Well, if you are bothered about the high redecoration costs, worry not. Here are some ideas that will help to spiffy up your home in a jiffy without burning a hole in your pocket!

Paint in Sections

Painting the whole house can take time, create a mess as well as entail expenditure. If you have moved into a new home, repainting is an unnecessary expense. However, to bring a change you can try painting the house section wise. For example, you can paint one wall in bright colors which will add a vibrancy to the living room. A cool color for the bedroom wall that soothes your senses and lulls you to a peaceful sleep. Dashing colors inside the open wall shelves to add a contemporary twist. Paint your kitchen walls to contrast the cabinets and counter-top for a classy look.

Wallpaper is a Good Alternative

Are your walls in neutral shades and you do not have time to be home for supervising the painting job? The best way to add color and beauty to your home is with wallpaper. They come in numerous colors and patterns. You also have a choice of themes when it comes to adding a fun element to your kids’ room. The versatility with wall papers is that they can be pulled out and changed when you are in a mood for a new makeover.

Change your Upholstery

Beautiful Upholstered Room

Did you know that a change in curtains and furniture can give your home a new look? There are reams of drapes to choose from and many of them are easy to just buy and fix up. Mix and match or contrast the fabric with your walls to infuse a fresh look into your home. An attractive curtain rod with tassels flowing down midway to the length of the curtain makes a noticeable change.

Tiles in the Kitchen and Bathroom

Lovely tiles across the kitchen gives a new look and fills you with enthusiasm as you cook your favorite food. Embed colorful tiles in patterns of your choice to give a novel look to your kitchen. Kitchen backsplashes in porcelain can be hand painted to add a personal touch to your home.

Infuse a fresh look into your bathroom by the use of tiles. Blue colored tiles contrasted with the silver colored fittings will give you a calming effect that will make you want to spend more time in the bath tub.

Dining Room Makeover

Instead of closed cabinets and sideboards in the dining area, open shelves work wonders in enhancing the looks. Display your bright pieces of attractive cups in bone china and porcelain. Invest in a few glass cutlery to reflect the lights when you are using the dining rooms at night. A bright tablecloth coupled with a muted light on top of the dining table is all that is needed to bring about a welcome change.

Go Green

Line up potted plants in your living room, kitchen, and balcony. You can hand paint the pots to make them attractive. The kitchen ledge can accommodate herbs, which you can use in your kitchen. The aroma wafting from them infuses fresh fragrance into your kitchen.

DIY options include growing a creeper inside a bottle, turning your unused gum boots as a plant holder, using an inverted wine bottle as a lamp holder or transforming a bamboo basket into a painted lamp shade. The best part is that these ideas are cheap but paint a gorgeous picture of your home as though you have gone in for a complete redo.

Do let us know if you liked these tips! And share this with your friends and family if you think you found it useful. 🙂


This blog article is part of our “Best Idea’s Series” where we look to bring you refreshing ideas related decor and lifestyle. The original article is attributed to Naresh. This has been desaturated from the original.

Naresh is working as a content wrtier at Commonfloor, a real estate portal. He enjoys writing informative blogs, articles, and reviews. 

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