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How to Plan Your Home Decor Budget

June 23, 2016 , , , ,

If you are comfortable in your home then everyone else is likely to be as well. This sense of fulfilled life is what gives your home a soul and shows your design sensibilities to the world. One should ‘dress’ the home in their own taste rather than ‘borrowing’ someone else’s design sensibilities because it just won’t carry for long. This is key to planning your home décor budget. The budget needs to factor all the unique elements that you really want to use in your home décor.

Here are some quick tips to get you started:

  • Always start with a vision of the décor that you want/would like and then plan what all would that include – paint, furniture, wall art, floor and table art, lighting, furnishings and any other elements. Cost allocation can then be done amongst all those items which would then give you your final budget. It is a good idea to factor 10%-15% extra budget to cover instances when you might end up going over because practical challenges can come up during a home décor exercise.
  • Don’t cramp your style sensibilities over money. Your décor is the living embodiment of your taste and personality. And within Indian homes, it becomes the joint embodiment of the whole family and usually stays that way for 8-12 months before changing again or in some cases lasts even longer. Therefore it’s advisable that you spend quality money on quality products. One good décor product like (say) Murano glass art or an exquisite marble statue is worth 10 different décor products. The quality of an exquisite décor product that speaks of your personality will always overshadow the quantity of other products that don’t. That’s the big secret why wealthy individuals and families have homes that are envied and regularly featured in magazines and all. They understand the value of having a décor that is of their personality and then start acquiring décor elements to state and amplify that. The value of their investments actually improves over time because they go in for quality and that always appreciates with time. While for others they are left with items that end up being either re-gifted or stored somewhere for ‘safe keeping’ while in truth they are just too many to be actually put out as they went in for quantity over quality.

In terms of trends one should definitely check out options available online for home décor. One can now get some of the best décor products from around the globe especially on sites like Art and Decors and get it delivered to their home as well. Online also helps in two critical ways:

  • It helps in educating about different types of décor products available and their uniqueness. This is not possible offline as one either doesn’t know where to go and even when they do, it’s usually limited to one place which doesn’t have the depth of offerings available online.
  • Online helps in providing a crystal clear understanding of your budget as prices are transparent upfront.

Home décor is easier said than done.  Remember that home décor should not be a rushed job. It pays to be patient as it is going to be your reflection and therefore needs to be handled with care than haste.



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