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7 Tips for Stunning Interior Decors

July 7, 2016

Your home is your place to make as unique as you are. It’s a place which will reflect your taste and style and is a mirror to your personality and thinking. That’s why it’s important that you design and decorate your home carefully. The decors that you admire carefully in all those pictures and magazines all use the art and science of decor. Today we unlock those secret tips just for you. We do have to warn you though that after reading this article you might feel dissatisfied with your current interior arrangements!

  1. Don’t fill your rooms with everything that you buy! Leave ‘breathing’ space in the room and try to make it comfortable rather than looking like a museum. Most of us are psychologically at ease with less clutter and that’s how your interiors should be. For instance, don’t put too many books and decor pieces in the living room or furniture pieces in the bedroom along with TV and other knick-knacks. 

    Which of the following decor set-up below would you prefer? The cluttered one on the left or the organized one on the right? 


  2. Give your living room a free look by removing the sofas and other furniture from against the wall. Pull them a little in front as that will give your room an airy look creating a sense of space and warmth. Since living rooms are the first point of contact for your friends and other family members with your ‘style sense’, it needs to project the sense of gracious living. And a very important aspect of that is the ability to move around freely without bothering about bumping into something or someone due to lack of space. You should go in for high quality décor than cheaper quality because it would always keep fighting for attention and you would always keeping wanting to put in something that naturally gets attention.
  3. Don’t cut corners on lighting. Most of the homes are low on light as most rely on just the overhead lights. Unless you have very powerful lights or multi-level chandeliers, chances are that there is low light in the rooms. This would impact reading ability especially if you have children and will put strain on the eyes. Instead of suffering, you should add standing lamps or table lamps wherever required, particularly around the sitting areas. That would add a discipline to your room arrangement and would ensure that there is always sufficient warm light in the room
  4. Use art to beautify a room. Art is expression captured on different mediums like paper, canvas, marble and so on. Using art is one of the best way to showcase class and style. If you use paintings then make sure you hang them at the right height. Typically art is hung in such a way that the center of each artwork is about 57 inches to 60 inches from the floor. You should also be following the same.
  5. Make sure what you buy will fit in your home. Sometimes we tend to look at things in a store or online and buy them thinking they would be apt. However they could turn out to be too big or too small. Therefore make sure you understand the space dimensions before buying something.
  6. Don’t go in for themes. Whether that’s wall paint related or furniture related. Really try not going for it. People have seen them so many times that it no longer says anything about your individual personality. If you really want to still do it, then change elements within the theme itself so that it has some of your individual taste being reflected.
  7. Be bold enough to experiment without sacrificing comfort for cool. The more you try out different things, the more you would start finding what you like and what you don’t like as a style statement. Include art deco elements, unexpected pieces like cast iron water fountains and unconventional touches to really wow people. Sometimes it pays to be different!

Remember the key thing – you won’t really know what you want and like as your décor unless you decide to do it. And once you find what you like, you would know what to do! Happy Decorating! 🙂


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