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Quick Guide For Choosing & Displaying Artworks

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So we get a lot of queries about how should one use art in their place – how to chose the right art piece, how many pieces to chose, how to display them and best way to care for them. If you have all those questions too, then this is a quick guide to help answer all those queries! 🙂

Creating a smart décor is all about utilizing the available space smartly while ensuring that you don’t cramp your décor with too many things. Arranging art can seem to be tough but there is an easy way to get it right and create a décor that is beautiful and pleasing:

  • Art is your reflection. Of your tastes and deeper style sensibilities. Don’t chose art to go with the furniture. Or an art that you want to appreciate in monetary value down the line. No. Pick art that speaks to you and for you. It should become a quintessential element of your home or office that you would like to see every day 
  • Be open to different mediums – paintings, sculptures, photographs and so on. A good eclectic mix speaks of your aesthetics range and breadth. At Art and Decors, we carry a highly curated collection simply because we love art and we want to ensure that you get to experience some of the most exquisite and gorgeous creations painstakingly created by master artists and craftsmen. For instance the Murano Glass decor collection that has a 1,000 year old design legacy behind it. Or the stunning sculptures in Indian and Italian marble that are all single edition limited pieces. Or the contemporary paintings including ready-to-hang paintings from the talented and emerging art house ABA. You can find something that you are sure to fall in love with
  • Invest in quality art, not cheap art. An investment in a gorgeous sculpture, art deco piece or a beautiful artwork is much better then investing in art which is really neither of good quality or more importantly connected to your style sense. For instance, if you like subtle and sophisticated aesthetics, then go in for a marble sculpture/bust or a nice art deco piece. An artwork of vivid colors would probably look out of place in your decor and you would start disliking it very soon. So know your taste 
  • Group artwork to completely transform your space. Make sure you get the basics of displaying art correct:
    • Height and Width – It is recommended that the top edge of the highest frame should be about seven feet from the floor, and the lowest piece should end six (6) to ten (10) inches above the furniture, with the center of the arrangement at eye level. Let the edges of the outermost frames extend three to six inches beyond the sides of the furniture. This arrangement ensures you have a good ‘visual anchor’ for anyone who views the artworks.
    • Size and Specs – Size does matter! For contemporary art, bigger is better to maximize impact. Mix square and rectangular paintings with one painting being about a third larger than the others to ‘ground’ the arrangement. You can have it set either in the center or to one of the sides. If you are going with only one piece, then the a good rule of thumb is to have the art fill two-thirds to three-quarters of the wall. A quick and handy painting sizes reference guide is given at the end of the article. Feel free to use that for your art purchase decisions
    • In-Between Spacing – Our eyes are trained to look out for spaces but when it comes to art, they look for patterns. Therefore the more tightly your paintings are arranged, the more visually appealing it would come off because it would look deliberate and thus not random. Leaving about two to three inches between frames would be good enough.
  • Ensure proper lighting. Nothing makes art lose its magic than bad or inadequate lighting. A dimly lit artwork or sculpture will look lifeless, dull and muted and severely impact your aesthetic sense that you are trying to project. However the right lighting – whether it’s gallery style focused lights (always recommended) or focused lamps, will lift the entire artwork and with it the whole surrounding decor. It will suddenly be the talking point for whoever comes over because the artwork would be ‘breathing’ with the right focus
  • Art needs care and love just like we all do. Here are some simple tips to care for your carefully selected artworks:
    • Marble sculptures – Dust lightly with a goose feather brush or lamb’s-wool duster as it would attract dirt and won’t leave a residue behind like a common cloth rag would. Dusting every day is recommended but if not possible then once a week for sure. Marble attracts dust very fast so you need to shower it with more love!
    • Framed Paintings – It would depending on what kind of frame do you have – metal or wood and the glazing – glass or plexiglass (acrylic) covering the painting. However it is recommended that you should use a soft duster like the ones mentioned above to remove dirt and dust and not water or other cleaning agents as they effect both the frame and glazing. For specific instructions on how best to care, do ask the same at the time of buying the painting
    • Glass Decors – A precious and delicate artwork like Murano Glass centerpieces need to be handled with care. Again wiping and dusting them off with soft duster like the ones mentioned above is recommended. Do not wash them in soapy water as that could affect the finish. For a better cleaning, get professional help

Your decor will come alive once you start using art as a central focus. It takes time and effort but the pleasure of creating a space that is completely unique to you and reflects your taste and design sense is truly satisfying. 

Painting Sizes Reference Guide


Artwork Sizes (In Inches).jpg



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