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Quick Guide For Choosing & Displaying Artworks

July 15, 2016

So we get a lot of queries about how should one use art in their place – how to chose the right art piece, how many pieces to chose, how to display them and best way to care for them. If you have all those questions too, then this is a quick guide to help answer all those queries! 🙂

Creating a smart décor is all about utilizing the available space smartly while ensuring that you don’t cramp your décor with too many things. Arranging art can seem to be tough but there is an easy way to get it right and create a décor that is beautiful and pleasing:

  • Art is your reflection. Of your tastes and deeper style sensibilities. Don’t chose art to go with the furniture. Or an art that you want to appreciate in monetary value down the line. No. Pick art that speaks to you and for you. It should become a quintessential element of your home or office that you would like to see every day 
  • Be open to different mediums – paintings, sculptures, photographs and so on. A good eclectic mix speaks of your aesthetics range and breadth. At Art and Decors, we carry a highly curated collection simply because we love art and we want to ensure that you get to experience some of the most exquisite and gorgeous creations painstakingly created by master artists and craftsmen. For instance the Murano Glass decor collection that has a 1,000 year old design legacy behind it. Or the stunning sculptures in Indian and Italian marble that are all single edition limited pieces. Or the contemporary paintings including ready-to-hang paintings from the talented and emerging art house ABA. You can find something that you are sure to fall in love with
  • Invest in quality art, not cheap art. An investment in a gorgeous sculpture, art deco piece or a beautiful artwork is much better then investing in art which is really neither of good quality or more importantly connected to your style sense. For instance, if you like subtle and sophisticated aesthetics, then go in for a marble sculpture/bust or a nice art deco piece. An artwork of vivid colors would probably look out of place in your decor and you would start disliking it very soon. So know your taste 
  • Group artwork to completely transform your space. Make sure you get the basics of displaying art correct:
    • Height and Width – It is recommended that the top edge of the highest frame should be about seven feet from the floor, and the lowest piece should end six (6) to ten (10) inches above the furniture, with the center of the arrangement at eye level. Let the edges of the outermost frames extend three to six inches beyond the sides of the furniture. This arrangement ensures you have a good ‘visual anchor’ for anyone who views the artworks.
    • Size and Specs – Size does matter! For contemporary art, bigger is better to maximize impact. Mix square and rectangular paintings with one painting being about a third larger than the others to ‘ground’ the arrangement. You can have it set either in the center or to one of the sides. If you are going with only one piece, then the a good rule of thumb is to have the art fill two-thirds to three-quarters of the wall. A quick and handy painting sizes reference guide is given at the end of the article. Feel free to use that for your art purchase decisions
    • In-Between Spacing – Our eyes are trained to look out for spaces but when it comes to art, they look for patterns. Therefore the more tightly your paintings are arranged, the more visually appealing it would come off because it would look deliberate and thus not random. Leaving about two to three inches between frames would be good enough.
  • Ensure proper lighting. Nothing makes art lose its magic than bad or inadequate lighting. A dimly lit artwork or sculpture will look lifeless, dull and muted and severely impact your aesthetic sense that you are trying to project. However the right lighting – whether it’s gallery style focused lights (always recommended) or focused lamps, will lift the entire artwork and with it the whole surrounding decor. It will suddenly be the talking point for whoever comes over because the artwork would be ‘breathing’ with the right focus
  • Art needs care and love just like we all do. Here are some simple tips to care for your carefully selected artworks:
    • Marble sculptures – Dust lightly with a goose feather brush or lamb’s-wool duster as it would attract dirt and won’t leave a residue behind like a common cloth rag would. Dusting every day is recommended but if not possible then once a week for sure. Marble attracts dust very fast so you need to shower it with more love!
    • Framed Paintings – It would depending on what kind of frame do you have – metal or wood and the glazing – glass or plexiglass (acrylic) covering the painting. However it is recommended that you should use a soft duster like the ones mentioned above to remove dirt and dust and not water or other cleaning agents as they effect both the frame and glazing. For specific instructions on how best to care, do ask the same at the time of buying the painting
    • Glass Decors – A precious and delicate artwork like Murano Glass centerpieces need to be handled with care. Again wiping and dusting them off with soft duster like the ones mentioned above is recommended. Do not wash them in soapy water as that could affect the finish. For a better cleaning, get professional help

Your decor will come alive once you start using art as a central focus. It takes time and effort but the pleasure of creating a space that is completely unique to you and reflects your taste and design sense is truly satisfying. 

Painting Sizes Reference Guide


Artwork Sizes (In Inches).jpg



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How to Protect Your Home & Walls From Moisture

June 29, 2016

The pitter-patter of water outside and that heavenly musky smell. Rains are here! Gorgeous weather, beautiful greenery and an uplifted mood are the gifts of the rains. But it does bring with it issues of dampness and moisture – mortal enemies of a well kept home! Worry not because this is how you deal with this challenge!

There are multiple reasons for dampness or moisture to take place. Plumbing leaks, condensation, roof or basement leaks and even everyday household activities can be a source. Continuous moisture exposure can lead to peeling or blistering wall paint, deteriorated drywall, rotted wooden structures and dangerous mold growth and can also produce persistent odors that can make the people in the house sick.

Usually the signs of excess moisture in your house would be:

  • Peeling and/or blistering paint
  • Stains on walls or ceilings
  • Musty or rotten odor
  • Visible condensation on windows
  • Visible mold and/or black spots
  • Damp basement walls or floors
  • Warped drywall or sagging ceilings

Some of the ways you can protect your home and walls from moisture are:

  • A coat of waterproof cement paint is recommended for exterior walls
  • Waterproof paint is recommended to ensure the exterior walls are adequately protected. This is important because concrete by nature is porous and allows moisture seepage to take place which can get collected within the walls
  • Exterior painting should be done much before the rainy season. Similarly interior paint should be done so that enough time is given for it to dry off contingent that the exterior paint has been done properly
  • Do not paint on moldy surfaces as it is likely to peel. First clean up the mold and dry the surface before painting
  • Use exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchen to increase ventilation
  • Have floor mats to ensure that wet feet are not going all over the home. Feel free to check out our range of colorful floor mats that are for just Rs. 649 and delivered free anywhere in India!
  • Space furniture well to increase air circulation
  • Don’t block wall or floor vents (especially in the newer apartments with central conditioning)
  • Check pipes regularly to ensure leaks are repaired promptly
  • Wash and dry laundry with windows open (if washing is being done inside the bathroom)
  • Wipe away condensation on windows and sills daily
  • Use a commercial dehumidifier in damp areas
  • Keep air conditioning drip pans clean and the drain lines unobstructed and flowing properly

A house that is clean, well maintained and cosy is a reflection of you as the home owner. It’s not that hard to get it done. Just needs a little bit of your love and attention. 🙂


About Art and

Art and Decors, is India’s premier, affordable luxury e-commerce brand for curated global decors and lifestyle products. It offers a wide choice of products across multiple categories like original fine art, designer décors, aromatherapy, precious diamond, gold and fashion jewellery and others from global brands and independent artisans.

You can enjoy Free shipment, multiple payment options including EMI’s and the industry leading A&D VIP Rewards Program that allows you to earn instant cashback’s and experience a world of privileges like special sales days and others. You don’t even have to buy anything to start earning A&D VIP Rewards Point! Visit the VIP Rewards page to find out how!

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How to Plan Your Home Decor Budget

June 23, 2016

If you are comfortable in your home then everyone else is likely to be as well. This sense of fulfilled life is what gives your home a soul and shows your design sensibilities to the world. One should ‘dress’ the home in their own taste rather than ‘borrowing’ someone else’s design sensibilities because it just won’t carry for long. This is key to planning your home décor budget. The budget needs to factor all the unique elements that you really want to use in your home décor.

Here are some quick tips to get you started:

  • Always start with a vision of the décor that you want/would like and then plan what all would that include – paint, furniture, wall art, floor and table art, lighting, furnishings and any other elements. Cost allocation can then be done amongst all those items which would then give you your final budget. It is a good idea to factor 10%-15% extra budget to cover instances when you might end up going over because practical challenges can come up during a home décor exercise.
  • Don’t cramp your style sensibilities over money. Your décor is the living embodiment of your taste and personality. And within Indian homes, it becomes the joint embodiment of the whole family and usually stays that way for 8-12 months before changing again or in some cases lasts even longer. Therefore it’s advisable that you spend quality money on quality products. One good décor product like (say) Murano glass art or an exquisite marble statue is worth 10 different décor products. The quality of an exquisite décor product that speaks of your personality will always overshadow the quantity of other products that don’t. That’s the big secret why wealthy individuals and families have homes that are envied and regularly featured in magazines and all. They understand the value of having a décor that is of their personality and then start acquiring décor elements to state and amplify that. The value of their investments actually improves over time because they go in for quality and that always appreciates with time. While for others they are left with items that end up being either re-gifted or stored somewhere for ‘safe keeping’ while in truth they are just too many to be actually put out as they went in for quantity over quality.

In terms of trends one should definitely check out options available online for home décor. One can now get some of the best décor products from around the globe especially on sites like Art and Decors and get it delivered to their home as well. Online also helps in two critical ways:

  • It helps in educating about different types of décor products available and their uniqueness. This is not possible offline as one either doesn’t know where to go and even when they do, it’s usually limited to one place which doesn’t have the depth of offerings available online.
  • Online helps in providing a crystal clear understanding of your budget as prices are transparent upfront.

Home décor is easier said than done.  Remember that home décor should not be a rushed job. It pays to be patient as it is going to be your reflection and therefore needs to be handled with care than haste.



About Art and

Art and Decors, is India’s premier, affordable luxury e-commerce brand for curated global decors and lifestyle products. It offers a wide choice of products across multiple categories like original fine art, designer décors, aromatherapy, precious diamond, gold and fashion jewellery and others from global brands and independent artisans.

You can enjoy Free shipment, multiple payment options including EMI’s and the industry leading A&D VIP Rewards Program that allows you to earn instant cashback’s and experience a world of privileges like special sales days and others. You don’t even have to buy anything to start earning A&D VIP Rewards Point!

Art and Decors VIP Rewards Program Launches Easy-to-Use Wedding Budget Planner

June 13, 2016

Art and Decors, India’s leading affordable luxury e-commerce brand for curated global decors and lifestyle products has launched the world’s most comprehensive yet easy-to-use online Wedding Budget Planner.

The planner cum calculator let’s one plan for their wedding budget across 15 diverse categories like:

  • Rings
  • Jewellery
  • Apparels
  • Venue & Accommodation
  • Food & Drink
  • Transportation
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Photography
  • Others

The categories cover more than 160 areas where people typically incur expenses in a wedding but never prepare for it proactively. That’s because most people start with a wedding concept in mind and what they are comfortable in spending overall but never get down to the real specifics of how much to spend on what. It’s only when they start trying to make their dream concept a reality do they realize how under-prepared were they.

The Wedding Budget Planner takes care of this problem. It allows one to track their actual expenditures versus planned ones and helps them understand and see the expenses for each and every category. They can download the data and share with others in their family. This is especially useful if areas of responsibilities are divided and everyone can then keep a track of their planned versus actual spend.

The planner also gives the ability to change the overall wedding budget and estimated budgets per area for each category and to see the impact on other categories. This is helpful if say someone ends up spending more on jewellery but then wants to re-adjust their budget to still stay within their overall wedding budget.

The Wedding Budget Planner can be accessed here:

Decor Ideas to Spiffy Up Your Home

January 4, 2016

Beautiful Decor in Living Room

Are you bored of waking up to the same interiors day after day? Well, if you are bothered about the high redecoration costs, worry not. Here are some ideas that will help to spiffy up your home in a jiffy without burning a hole in your pocket!

Paint in Sections

Painting the whole house can take time, create a mess as well as entail expenditure. If you have moved into a new home, repainting is an unnecessary expense. However, to bring a change you can try painting the house section wise. For example, you can paint one wall in bright colors which will add a vibrancy to the living room. A cool color for the bedroom wall that soothes your senses and lulls you to a peaceful sleep. Dashing colors inside the open wall shelves to add a contemporary twist. Paint your kitchen walls to contrast the cabinets and counter-top for a classy look.

Wallpaper is a Good Alternative

Are your walls in neutral shades and you do not have time to be home for supervising the painting job? The best way to add color and beauty to your home is with wallpaper. They come in numerous colors and patterns. You also have a choice of themes when it comes to adding a fun element to your kids’ room. The versatility with wall papers is that they can be pulled out and changed when you are in a mood for a new makeover.

Change your Upholstery

Beautiful Upholstered Room

Did you know that a change in curtains and furniture can give your home a new look? There are reams of drapes to choose from and many of them are easy to just buy and fix up. Mix and match or contrast the fabric with your walls to infuse a fresh look into your home. An attractive curtain rod with tassels flowing down midway to the length of the curtain makes a noticeable change.

Tiles in the Kitchen and Bathroom

Lovely tiles across the kitchen gives a new look and fills you with enthusiasm as you cook your favorite food. Embed colorful tiles in patterns of your choice to give a novel look to your kitchen. Kitchen backsplashes in porcelain can be hand painted to add a personal touch to your home.

Infuse a fresh look into your bathroom by the use of tiles. Blue colored tiles contrasted with the silver colored fittings will give you a calming effect that will make you want to spend more time in the bath tub.

Dining Room Makeover

Instead of closed cabinets and sideboards in the dining area, open shelves work wonders in enhancing the looks. Display your bright pieces of attractive cups in bone china and porcelain. Invest in a few glass cutlery to reflect the lights when you are using the dining rooms at night. A bright tablecloth coupled with a muted light on top of the dining table is all that is needed to bring about a welcome change.

Go Green

Line up potted plants in your living room, kitchen, and balcony. You can hand paint the pots to make them attractive. The kitchen ledge can accommodate herbs, which you can use in your kitchen. The aroma wafting from them infuses fresh fragrance into your kitchen.

DIY options include growing a creeper inside a bottle, turning your unused gum boots as a plant holder, using an inverted wine bottle as a lamp holder or transforming a bamboo basket into a painted lamp shade. The best part is that these ideas are cheap but paint a gorgeous picture of your home as though you have gone in for a complete redo.

Do let us know if you liked these tips! And share this with your friends and family if you think you found it useful. 🙂


This blog article is part of our “Best Idea’s Series” where we look to bring you refreshing ideas related decor and lifestyle. The original article is attributed to Naresh. This has been desaturated from the original.

Naresh is working as a content wrtier at Commonfloor, a real estate portal. He enjoys writing informative blogs, articles, and reviews. 

Art and Decors is India’s premier e-commerce brand for luxurious and affordable decor and lifestyle products. We welcome you to shop with us and experience true luxury of shopping and to enjoy our industry leading VIP Rewards Program.

Passion Play with Red Color for Your Decor

February 1, 2014

Red, the most eye-catching color represents passion, blood and energy. There is no other color which evokes as many emotions as red. Full of drama and passion, it’s not a color for the faint of heart, but when thoughtfully used — whether on a wall or in a handful of accessories—it can make a room come alive.

Red works to neutralize cooler colors like greens and blues, giving a sense of warmth to the room. Red also brings life and energy to dull and uninviting spaces. You can easily introduce red to a room with flowers, throw cushions, vases or other accents.

So jazz up and introduce red-hot passion in your home with some gorgeous home decor inspirations.

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Inspiring Xmas Decors

December 26, 2013

Christmas is all about family time. Being together and celebrating the spirit of giving. It also is the perfect time for doing up your home tastefully. We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas and don’t want to the festivity to end! So here are some really inspiring and beautiful decor designs that you can keep till the New Year and make your home feel all cosy and warm throughout!

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year! Ho Ho Ho 🙂

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Participate in the ‘Get Artistic’ Sweepstakes & Win!

October 22, 2013

Everyone loves a contest. Where not only can you win money but also get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to showcase your beautiful decor to the entire world!

Presenting Art and Decors ‘Get Artistic’ Sweepstakes!

Participate for a chance to win exclusive Art and Decors Gift Vouchers worth Rs. 20,000!! 

Just visit, select a painting that you like and tell us why you like it on the form under the ‘Sweepstakes’ tab on our official Facebook page. 

You can access the form and more information here as well:

And a few lucky winners will also get the chance of the lifetime to have their decor featured both on our Facebook page as well as on our Pinterest board (

Let the fun begin! Contest open till 31st October only!


Fancy DIY Kids Room Design Inspirations

May 27, 2013 2 Comments

Kids are full of creativity and you should help them live in their world of imagination. It helps with their growth and creates a stronger bond between the kid and the parents.

So how do you do creativity without spending a bunch of money? Well we have some awesome designs for you that can help you can transform your child’s room into something magical.

  • Create Mini Art Galleries – The wonders of great artwork! Walls adorned with gallery style wall décor celebrate all styles of art. Monochromatic or filled with color, an accent wall featuring photos, pictures and wall decor is a great way to kick it up a notch in any kid’s room. And who knows, maybe you’ll inspire a mini Picasso in the making
  • Accessorize with Patterns – An easy way to add flair to any child’s room is with patterned accessories. Any playroom comes to life with the addition of colorful and vibrant pillows
  • Collect Pieces Over Time -Use individual pieces accumulated over time instead of buying a matching furniture set. Not only is it an excellent way to save, but it achieves a colorful and eclectic look, layering in the new with the old
  • Do- It- Yourself – It certainly pays off to start thinking handmade even if it’s just the smallest of details. Creating your own headboard with easily accessible materials such as MDF (Medium density fiberboard). All you need is Foam, Fabric glue and a staple gun which will have you feeling like a true craftsman in no time
  • Add Wallpapers – Instead of wallpapering every square inch of a child’s room, consider using it more sparingly as an accent. Paper lanterns hanging in the corners are also an affordable touch of whimsy
  • For a striking piece of art, enlarge a favorite photo at an office supply store (make sure it’s to a standard frame height), then cut it into even sections and frame it
  • Stock cubbies with all the supplies your children would need for arts-and-crafts or school projects: poster board, construction paper, markers, crayons, glue, etc.
  • Perk up a dresser with colorful ribbon remnants
  • Create a warm place for your shared reading time: a bookcase stocked with favorites, good lighting, and cuddle-worthy seating
  • Multi-pocket organizers on a closet door displaying hair ties, sunglasses, trinkets―and reminder notes from Dear Mom
  • Items that are custom made will not only make the room feel special but help make it unique
  • Choose a soothing wall color, like lavender, that gives a room an ease-into-sleep feel

Check out the album below to see these ideas come to life!

Happy decorating your kids room! And do send us pics of your designs that you would want to share with the world. Email us at

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Art and Decors Let’s Customers Buy in Facebook Simply By Commenting

March 8, 2013

At Art and Decors our focus has always been to introduce innovation in online shopping so that customers enjoy the experience without too much effort. They should be able to buy our fantastic and unique world class products as easily as possible from the cozy comfort of their home or office. And now we have taken this a step forward. Now they can literally shop while on the move, or on the train or while exercising! Unbelievable? Well keep on reading 🙂

We are proud to announce the introduction of India’s first ever ‘Comment & Shop‘ function from right within our official Facebook page! Yes you read that right. Now buying products is as simple as commenting ‘Sold’!

Check out the screen grab below to understand how childishly simple it is:

Comment & Buy on Art and Decors!


Yup you saw it right:

  1. Head over to the app bar on our official FB page and click on the ‘Comment & Shop’ app
  2. Register by logging in either with your FB id or by typing your email and pressing ‘Register’
  3. Comment “Sold” on the products that are currently being offered as part of this unique shopping experience
  4. Return to the ‘Comment & Shop’ app to complete your purchase. We will send you the invoice that you can pay with your PayPal account
  5. You can stop shivering with unbridled excitement now. You just bought something just by commenting on a post! How cool is that! And while you consider that your product is flying out of our warehouse and on it’s way to you. Time to grab a relaxing cup of coffee 🙂

Currently we are offering the products through this service to our international Facebook fans. However we are working to open to this our Indian Facebook fans as well. Till then our Indian Facebook fans can use the ‘A&D Online Shop‘ app to browse and buy products. Or they can just head straight to to buy.

So what do you guys think about this? Your feedback means a lot to us and every bit helps us grow and learn everyday. So do let us know. 🙂

Happy shopping folks! And don’t forget to spread the word to your friends. That’s why you are so awesome 🙂